Introduction: Star Wars: DIY Rey Costume

Of all of the things I'm incredibly excited about when it comes to the fast-approaching release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, what I'm looking forward to the most is the introduction of a featured female Jedi! Even though the movie isn't going to be released for another month, the team at Wholesale Halloween Costumes channeled their anticipation into creating an authentic DIY costume to celebrate the character.

Step 1: Making the Goggles, Staff, Gloves, and Boots

To create these, you'll need two different pairs of goggles, pair one and pair two.

Remove the blue lenses from the first pair and attach them onto the second using E6000 glue before covering them in linen fabric. Place beige felt over the line to enhance the authenticity of the googles and to help give them the proper shape. Add gray felt to the top and the bottom of the goggles.

To give the goggles their distinctive detailing, using craft leather you can add on the character's rusty leather pieces using glue. Then use a black permanent marker to draw on the markings around the lenses. With black and gray spray paint and a sponge you'll be able to customize the goggles to look the way that you want.

Using a curtain rod to create the base, add cloth detailing and then customize the top and bottom.

Can be any pair, but need to have a rugged appearance.

Rey's boots appear to be made of wool, and resemble Uggs. The Wholesale Halloween Costumes DIYer recommended this pair.

Step 2: Making the Dress

Cut a v-neck into a billowy, long white Chiffon tank dress (like this one) and then sew the edges on the neckline. Using brown, beige, and black spray paint to cover the bulk of the dress, be sure to leave the edges and center white.

From there use Cotton Gauze fabric to give Rey's ensemble it's true-to-character look. Pin all of the pieces onto a dress form to maintain the fit. From there pinch the fabric into pleats so that it gathers at the shoulders. From there, across the chest you should drape the fabric. Sew the fabric onto the shirt and place it where it would fit on the wearer's body. After the main pieces have been attached, customize the costume to your body by sewing on additional pieces.

For more details on making the DIY Rey dress click here.

Step 3: Making the Pants, Cowl, and Bag

Take any pair of Bohemian style pants and use spray paint to cover them in black, brown, and almond shades.

Create it using beige linen fabric. Place the fabric around your head so that it resembles a headscarf and then pin it into place. Pin one of the two sides of the fabric on one side, while draping the other side around your neck and shoulders. Customize the headpiece using brown, black, and beige spray paint.

Take a square-shaped canvas bag and spray it with silver, brown, and black spray paint. Attach it onto the belts.

Additional information can be found here.

Step 4: Making the Backpack, Belts, and Arm/Leg Wraps


Using any worn-out leather backpack as a base, spray paint the bag black, almond a silver. Create "canteens" using two large, empty bottles of bubbles and painting them silver.


Use brown paint on black belts to mirror Rey's ensemble.

Arm/Leg Wraps:

Create the wraps using the remainder of your Cotton Gauze. Spray paint them black, brown and silver before cutting them into four unique pieces.

For more information: check out the Wholesale Halloween Costumes blog!