Introduction: DIY Star Wars Lightsaber Party Favors

This Friday, the Force Awakens. With Episode VII of the Star Wars saga premiering in theaters on the 18th, the team at Wholesale Party Supplies couldn't be more excited! To celebrate this upcoming movie release, the team has created a DIY project that will allow you to make your own mini lightsabers - the perfect additions to each goodie bag for a Star Wars themed birthday party.

To create this craft you'll need:

- Red & Green Permanent Markers
- Black Duct Tape
- A Foam Brush
- Mod Podge
- Scissors
- Red & Green Streamers
- Red & Green Gumballs
- Mini Flashlights
- Clear Candy Tubes

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Step 1: Creating the Base:

Use a permanent marker to color the top of each mini flashlight. Color the top of the flashlight red if it's a sith's lightsaber or color it green if it's to become the weapon of a jedi. Once that's done, use the marker to color the cap of the candy tube the same shade.

Using the black duct tape, cover the handle of the flashlight leaving only the power button visible. You can then place the candy tube over the light and use the black duct tape to attach the sweets holder to the light.

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Step 2: Giving the Lightsaber Its Color:

Once the tube is attached to the mini flashlight, cut four pieces of crepe paper that match the color of the lightsaber you're creating. These pieces should each be long enough to wrap around the tube. After applying Modge Podge to the tube, you can wrap the small section of streamer around it. From there apply more Modge Podge on top of the placed crepe paper.

Continue this process to cover the entire tube with the colored streamer. Once you're done, if the flashlight is turned on, your candy holder will glow like a lightsaber!

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Step 3: Finishing Touches:

To enhance this favor, add sweets like gumballs or sixlets into the candy tube. While this will prevent the light from shining through as brightly, guests at your event will have a delicious treat, with the holder doubling as a fun favor after the sweets have been eaten.

Get more details on this craft here.

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