Introduction: DIY Beaded Chain Necklace With Bronze Chains and Turquoise Beads

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Last week, I saw a beautiful bead&chain necklace which was the combination of silvery chains and natural stone beads. Therefore, I can’t wait any longer to try this idea in my Monday’s project tutorial. Hope you like this recreated beaded chain necklace.

Step 1: Materials and Tools for the Beaded Chain Necklace

0.5mm black brass wire

0.3mm tiger tail wire

Heart shaped turquoise beads

6mm round turquoise beads

10mm drum shaped turquoise beads

Bronze chains

Bronze jump rings

Bronze lobster clasp

Step 2: Instructions on Making a Beaded Chain Necklace

1st, make beaded part;

2nd, slide a heart shaped bead onto wire, make a wire wrapped loop at the other end;

3rd, cut off excess wire tail, and pick another piece of copper wire;

4th, thread it through one loop in previous process, make a wire wrapped loop;

5th, slide another heart bead and repeat;

6th, when finishing 4 heart beads like above, add a pony bead and then add last heart bead;

7th, pick a 18cm length of tiger tail wire, thread it through a loop of above turquoise beaded chain;

8th, crimp the end with crimp bead and crimp bead cover;

9th, string 6mm turquoise beads and crimp the other end.

Step 3: Make Chain Part

1st, prepare 3 lengths of bronze chain, top chain measures the round beaded chain plus two heart bead links, middle one reaches the third heart link, and bottom one reaches the fourth link.

2nd, attach the end link of each chain to corresponding place as picture shows;

3rd, attach lobster clasp to beaded chain end;

4th, attach a jump ring to the chains’ end;

Step 4: The Final Look of Beaded Chain Necklace

So far, this beaded chain necklace is done! this beaded chain necklace is not that cute and girlish kind, but very elegant and suitable for women with a mature temperament.