Introduction: DIY Bird Water Feeder

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How to make a simple water feeder for birds (using materials you already have at home)!

Step 1:

Step 2: How to Make It


- an old small plastic container, strings, a bigger rock, a smaller stick from a branch.

How I made it:

I've used an old plastic container and drilled two holes on opposite sides. I put a small stick from a branch through the holes and tied it up using a thick string. I've also added more of the string around the upper corners, to provide birds extra landing space and stability. I've also added a bigger rock inside, so it keeps the feeder in place and also provides a landing space for the birds - as well as the stick which is placed in the middle.

This is a really simple water feeder that you can make using materials you can find at home. Help birds find clean and fresh water during winter by making and placing a water feeder in your backyard, in the park, etc.

For a detailed, step-by-step procedure, watch the video.

Step 3: Tips for Providing Water

For birds and other wildlife, water is just as important in the cold months as it is during summer. Even in places with abundant snow and ice, it costs birds precious calories and body heat to melt frozen water. Backyards that provide fresh, clean, liquid water during winter tend to host more avian visitors than do frozen yards.

Here are some tips for providing water for wildlife during the cold months:

- Place baths in a sunny area to make them more visible to birds and to help keep the water from freezing.

- Help birds stay dry and drink more easily by adding several stones to the bath or placing a few sticks on top that the animals can use as perches.