Introduction: DIY Bride Guide: Bridesmaid Hangers

Hi! I'm Maverick12 and I'm a DIY Bride.

I keep seeing these adorable photos with hangers that have all the bridesmaids names written on them. I didn't have the time to order some in, so I decided to make them.

Step 1: Supplies

Here are the supplies you'll need.

Wooden Hangers - I got mine at Walmart.






Step 2: Design the Hanger

First - decide what you want the hanger to have on it. I chose to put my bridesmaid name of the left side and the wedding date on the right.

Next - I am artistically challenged, but I do okay with a visual. So I opened on Word on my computer and found a font I liked. Then, I typed out each girls name so I had a reference.

Then, using my visual reference I penciled each girl's name and date on either side of the hanger. This was a sightly painstaking process.

After that, using an extremely thin sharpie, fill in the pencil lettering. I highly recommend using a thin sharpie and even then using a light touch. I found that when the sharpie touches the wood it tends to spread through the grain.

Step 3: Stain the Hanger to Look Pretty

I wanted to stain the wood hanger to give it a little something. I chose a darker stain, with a hint of red in it.

First - lay down something to protect the surface and wear gloves. Staining is messy and well, it stains your hands.

Mix the stain thoroughly.

Using a rag, dip and spread the stain over the wood hanger.

Wipe off excess stain with a clean rag.

Note: For a deeper, darker color allow the stain to sit longer before wiping off the excess.

I put two coats onto my hanger.

Allow to dry as per the stain's instructions. Mine was for 24 hours.

Next - use a polyurethane to cover the stain. This protects it and gives the wood a slightly glossy look. I chose to use a lightweight sprayable urethane and it worked extremely well.

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