Introduction: DIY Bubblegum Slime ♥

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Slime has been such a HUGE craze this year, so I decided to make my own! It's super fun to play with, and lasts for a long time (lasts longer if it is kept in the fridge). This is a super simple recipe that can be replicated by kids of all ages (and adults!) Without further adieu, let's make some slime!

Step 1: Materials

For this slime, you will need:

A spoon

Glue (120 mL standard)

Food Coloring (optional)

Borax (about 1 tsp)

2 Bowls


Step 2: Base Glue Mixture

In the larger of the bowls, pour all of the glue in. Using that same bottle, fill it up with water, and pour that into the bowl too. Mix it with the spoon until the mixture is uniform throughout. Now is the time if you want to add color or glitter to your slime. I added a little bit of food coloring and it turned BRIGHT PINK ♥ I love it! You could also add sparkled, sequins, or even LEGO characters!

Step 3: Borax Mixture

In the smaller bowl, pour one cup of water in and then dump in the teaspoon of borax. Mix it together until the borax has dissolved.

Step 4: And Now. . .The Magic!

Pour one tablespoon of borax water in at a time, and mix it with the spoon. Keep adding until you see a bit of the slime form and then start to use your hands. If may seem silly as first, sticking your hands in glue, but after working the slime and adding more borax water as needed, the slime will form. I had to add almost all of the borax water in order to get the slime to the consistency I like. You know the slime is done when it stops sticking to your hands and starts to form in the bowl without sticking to it.

Step 5: The Final Product!

When you have reached your preferred consistency, transfer the slime to a container, and wash out the bowls. I knew mine was done when I stuck my fingers in it and no slime dragged onto them.

Voila! You have just made awesome slime! Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed!

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