Introduction: DIY Bucher Block Island

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Butcher block counter tops are beautiful and fun but incredibly expensive!

What I like about this diy is that I recycled things that were otherwise outdated.

Step 1: Find an Old Dresser

So I began with a quality built dresser, this is solid wood and does not have any trouble supporting the heavy butcher block. That is super important, make sure your dresser is going to be able to support the weight!

Step 2: Get an Old Work Bench, Butcher Block- or a New Butcher Block.

I got an old work bench butcher block and sanded it down with a belt sander. I liked the character that this gives but you can always find something less used or even new at somewhere like Ikea for not too much money.

I salvaged some pieces of teak wood to finish over the ends with. I thought this gave it a clean look. I had to piece the butcher block together since this was such a long dresser and my piece was not big enough. I did this by screwing both pieces to the dresser and filling it in with wood filler for the small crack, then sanding that down. Getting the teak pieces on I did with wood glue in between and then screwing the pieces into the butcher block, but of course beginning with a pilot hole as to not split the teak.

Step 3: Paint or Stain

For the dresser I decided to paint it, This was because the veneer over the wood was so thin that sanding and re-staining would have just caused a lot of uneven chips in the wood.. You can always sand and re-stain, if your piece allows.

After this my sister in law helped me with the best distressing technique. Which was to distress the edges, leaving big areas alone.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

I found some hardware at hobby lobby. Including the brackets for the over hang and a large handle which I use on the side as a towel bar. The most money I spent on this was probably the wheels. I wanted them to be very heavy duty to have no problem holding the weight of this dresser and to lock for safety. I suggest making sure the wheels you get are great quality. I got ones that are able to hold 1000 pounds of weight between the 4 of them.

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