Hand Engraved Stars Into Cheese Knife

Introduction: Hand Engraved Stars Into Cheese Knife

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This is a tutorial on engraving wood. Specifically, Cheese knives here. But this is great for any wood items you find and want to engrave like in the past I have done with old cake cutters, nut cracker bowls, and wood salad bowls.

Step 1: Sanding and Cleaning

I took off the metal band with a cutter because it was a little rusted, cleaned them up and sanded them down. For this I like to use a dremel with the sander bit.

Step 2: Engraving

This is the fun part! I decide what I want to etch, sometimes I do a light sketch with pencil on them. I use the Dremel engraver with a diamond tip.

Step 3: Stain

I use coffee to stain, its totally natural and gives a beautiful brown tone.

After I use my coffee I take the fresh moist grounds and work them into the wood until I have a rich color. Then I wipe it clean. This would work with a used tea bag as well if your not a coffee drinker.

Step 4: Clear Coating

I use a mineral oil for this, I like to keep my items food safe, and environmentally friendly. This has to be re coated at least once a year depending on how often its used.

Step 5: Enjoy!

These beautiful cheese knives are perfect for use.

What other items have you been able to find to restore?

Happy thrifting!

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