Introduction: Antique Silver Creamer Turned Into Stacked Hanging Macrame Succulents

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I got these wonderful silver plated antique sugar and 2 creamers, I thought they were gorgeous but I knew they had lived out there life as sugar and creamer holders. I searched online and found these hanging tea cups filled with flowers from here

I liked the idea but I knew I needed to give it a little more of my style! I did this by stacking them on top of each other with this hanging look, used macrame too soften it, and used my favorite little plants; succulents!

Step 1: Clean Them Up

First I cleaned them up and engraved on them a cute saying. I made one say "I've got a pocket full of sunshine". I did this with a Dremel Engraver, This was purely preference and not necessary.

If your curious more about how to do this, I have another tutorial called "engraved cheese knives" that explains it more.

TIP: Toothpaste is a great way to polish silver. But the tarnished look is beautiful too!

Step 2: Next I Started the Macrame

I used a key ring at the top because they are strong and easy for me to find. I loop the string securely through the loop, here is a great quick tutorial on this .

I also used cooking cotton string, Its strong, natural, and you can find it at most any grocery store! I do basic macrame knots and do some simple knots as well, the tough part is making sure that the creamer pot is secure.

TIP: If you dont know macrame, its not important for this DIY, do simple knots!

Step 3: Fill With Succulents

To fill my succulents I use little very small rocks found outside mixed with potting soil. The rocks are important because these don't have drainage.

Also make sure you don't over water, I put in sunlight and water once a week.

TIP: I use an old dropper to make sure I dont out too much and that it gets in there. I put a few full droppers in everytime I water it.

Step 4: I Continued Then Macrame and Place the Rest of the Pots

I made them secure and then filled each one at a time.

When I got to the bottom and secured it, I gave it an extra measure of security by tying all of the ropes into one knot.

Step 5: Finishing Touches!

This wonderful upcycle is ready to be displayed.

This could be done with tea cups like the original post, recycled jars, and so much more! Excited to see your upcycles!

Happy Planting!

TIP: I first tried to do it with fishing line to give it a "floating look" it did not turn out elegant at all!

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