Introduction: DIY Button Bracelet


Now i am really into little project DIYing.

Search for so many button bracelet tutorial online. Now i decided to give it a try. You can come to grocery store to buy some buttons. If you are good at painting. You can buy some buttons with no pictures on it and paint it by yourself.

Here we go !

Supplies you will need:

5 Large button (Four holes)

1 Small button (Four holes)

leather string or waxed cotton string


Step 1: Start With the Clasp

Cut the leather string to a length about 20 inches and hold in half. Tie a single knot in the folded end to form a loop. Before pulling this tight make sure that your loop is the right size for the small button to pass through, be careful however to make sure the loop is not too large as this may cause the bracelet to come undone.

Step 2: Thread the 5 Large Buttons

Pick large buttons as the first to get started. Have the two loose ends of cord facing you and thread through two of the holes in the button with the cord coming out at the front. Cross the cord and thread diagonally through the other two holes in the button from the front to the back and pull tight. Repeat the previous step with the 5 large buttons. And tie a knot now. If the steps are correct, an X shape will show on the front and backside will same as the picture shows.

Step 3: String the Small Button

Now you can tie a reef knot behind the last button that is the smallest one. Be careful that the small button can still pass through the loop. Make sure that this bracelet would suite to your mom’s wrist. Coz i made this for my mom. And used it join the online Mother's Day DIY Gift Contest.

Step 4: Now You Get It

Give a final knot now on the last reef knot. So snip the ends finished here. Check the back side same as the picture shows. Cut off the excess leather string. Now you get it !

Flower buttons are my mom’s favorite. So that’s why i choose them. You can decorate it by yourself. Mark some words on it for your mom.