Introduction: D.I.Y. & COVID-19 & ME


502 Super Glue, Lighter, Paperclip, Door Dtopper, Hook, Ring, Necklace, etc.


The general purpose of all the designed products is to develop a secondary apparatus. If we have to go out during the pandemic process, we make minimal contact with objects. During the pandemic process, I tried to design these apparatuses in the form of jewelry with the limited material I have. For this purpose, I made 4 designs consisting of 3 rings and a necklace / bracelet.


The purpose of this ring is to be able to turn the door key without touching it by hand.

step 1.Heat the paper clip with a lighter. be careful and don't burn your hand. you can get help from your parents at this stage.

step 2. pierce the hook with the paperclip you heated.

step 3. thread another paper clip through the hole and form a loop. step

4. wrap around with a rope to avoid disturbing your hand.

Voilà! Here you have completed all the stages and produced your own ring.

Step 2: RING-02

You only need one suction cup and a ring to make this product. thread the suction cup through the ring of the ring and voila. That's it! Completed.


When you have to go out, you can touch touch objects with this ring without touching your hand. To produce this ring, only a touch plastic, a paperclip and some thread are required. First of all, we pierce the plastic with the paper clips we have. Then we turn the clip into a ring and wrap it around with rope so that your finger is not disturbed.


The purpose of this design is to make a disposable design while holding door handles that are not hygienic outside.

During the pandemic process, I tried to make a more permanent apparatus with the materials in my house, but the design evolved into a mini disposable paper. necessary materials for this product; the height of a card suitable for the size of your hand (average 3x4.5cm) some paper towels, glue, falcata and a necklace.

step 1. production of the box; Fold the box so its height is not more than 1 cm.

step 2. Cut 4x9.5 cm paper tissues.

step 3. fold the tissue paper into three and nest the tissue paper into the z-shape.

step 4.Insert the tissue paper into the box and remove the tip of the top one.

step 5. Before closing the lids of the box, thread the chain and close the lids.

And voila. Here your necklace / bracelet is ready.