Introduction: DIY Cardboard Accessory Box

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Cardboards and papers are my favorite materials for crafting. I've posted a step by step instructable on how to make a cardboard jewelry box before. This time I tried to make a two parted cardboard accessory box.
In this instructable, I'll show you how to make an accessory box out of cardboard. It's very easy and won't take much time to make it.

Materials needed:-

1) Cardboard
2) Anti-cutter
3) Scissor
4) Super glue
5) Printed paper
6) Crystal stoned stickers, stickers or anything to decorate the box.

Step 1: The Main Box

At first you have to draw an outline of the box, as I've shown in the first image of this step. The box I've made is of 4.5 inches width, 6 inches length and 5 inches height.
Use an x-acto knife to cut the cardboard. After cutting out the cardboard for the main structure, fold up the sides and use super glue to joint all the sides, as shown in the third picture of this step.

Step 2: The Drawer

For the drawer you have to cut a piece out of the cardboard as shown in the first image of this step.

Make sure the drawer is a bit smaller than the main structure, so that it fits in easily.

Fold the sides up and use super glue to joint them.

Wrap the drawer with a printed paper.

Step 3: Wrapping and Dividing the Box

I used printed paper to wrap the outside of the box.
Now, cut out a cardboard piece (4.25 x 5.75 inches) to divide the box into two parts (the box and the drawer space) .

Wrap it with a different paper and carefully place it in the box and don't forget to keep enough space for the drawer.

Step 4: Completing the Box

To complete the third wall of the upper box, cut another piece of cardboard of appropriate size and wrap it with printed paper. Use super glue to stick the third wall with the box.

Attach bead on the drawer for the knob and another bead and elastic thread on the upper part for the closure.

Step 5: Decorating

You can use stickers, stones, beads or anything you want, to decorate the box. Done!

I hope you'll enjoy making it!

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