Introduction: DIY Cardboard Formula 1 Car Model

Hi Guyz.

Today im sharing my DIY Formula 1 car model with you,

i made this model using cardboard and hot glue,

in this instructable i`ll share the making method, car base template copying and the video link from which i was inspired

so lets dig into it...


  1. Hard Cardboard
  2. Cutter knife or surgical knife
  3. Hot glue gun or white glue
  4. round wood sticks
  5. Rim tyre 4x(slicks)
  6. Marker or pen
  7. white paper
  8. Laptop(in my case)
  9. and also some skills :-)

Step 1: Template Copying

First of all see this man`s video and make mind of your accordingly whether you want to make it an RC F1 car or normal model car.

I didn't make mine RC due to lack of RC circuit,maybe i`ll make it RC later

making base template by hand was a tough work, so i came up with an idea to place paper on the laptop screen and copy it.

i used given template to make the base of the car.

see my video on how to copy template on a paper to make the base

i`ll share some templates at the end of instructable or you can also visit this site to pick templates

i downloaded my template from google images thats why its in bad quality but i managed with it

Step 2: Making Base and Parts

Paste template you copied from laptops`s screen to the base and cut accordingly

after that make other parts and by the help of youtube video

i was having small slicks so i used them,they are little bit small but better than cardboard`s tyres for me,

if you have big tyres with grooves you can also make them slicks by grinding overall but make sure your must have that much width

and if you want to make cardboard`s tyres just watch the youtube video

* : i take that out from broken headphones

Step 3: Joining All Parts

See all pictures

sorry i didn't captured some parts.first i was excited and second i was so tired ;-)

But you can get all the help from youtube video

Step 4: Finish

I have shared some templates and example pictures,

i`ll be glad if you make yours

Thank You for your time.