Introduction: DIY Cardboard Lightbox

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Make a very easy lichtbox out of cardboard.

Perfect for Christmas or other festive occasions.

You can change the lettering to your taste and use any kind of cardboard for this project.

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Step 1: Supplies

– Cardboard

– Clear Plastic (sheets)

– White plastic (sheets)

– Pre made letter stickers or adhesive vinyl

– Tape

– Ruler

– scissors

– x-acto knife

– cutting mat

– pencil

– LED christmas lights

Step 2: STEP 1

Decide the size of your lightbox (I looked at the size of my transparent sheets and went from there).

Draw the outer and inner edges of the front of your lightbox onto the cardboard with your pencil.

Step 3: STEP 1

Cut along the outer and the inner edge of the front of your lightbox.

Calculate the bottom, top and side sizes of the box and cut them out of the cardboard. (This lightbox doesn’t need a back part)

Step 4: STEP 3

If you don’t have any pre-made letter stickers, print or design your font in the right size. (and your choice of cute catchphrases, words or quotes!!;)

Step 5: STEP 4

Trace the designed or printed letters onto the back of the adhesive vinyl (make sure you place them face down)

Step 6: STEP 5

Cut the letters out of the vinyl.

Step 7: STEP 6

Mark the center part of your white plastic (sheets) and place the vinyl letters onto the plastic, making sure that they are aligned and centred.

Step 8: STEP 7

Cut the white and clear plastic in the width of the front opening + 2 cm enough space on each side to attach with tape.

Step 9: STEP 8

Place the clear plastic on top of the white plastic.**Tape the white plastic to the back of the front cardboard piece. Tape the entire box together (or use a glue gun). Place the LED christmas lights (use LED! because we don’t want to burn the house down..) in the back of the cardboard box.

** Use tape to attach the plastic sheets to the front of the lightbox. This way you can remove it later and change the text as many times as you like!

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