Introduction: Personalized Bottle Necklaces

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What a better way to surprise someone than with a personalized necklace? Create your own personalized necklace with a tiny bottle and store a fun memory or small note in it.

I turned the bottles into necklaces and put fun memorabilia in them to create a unique and vintage feel. These bottles can be bought online or just visit some crafty stores because that's where I found mine! (for the Dutch ones among us: Action or de Big Bazaar)

Step 1:

1. Get your tiny bottles and all shapes and sizes.
2. Grab a small piece of wire and glue.
3.put some glue on the wire.
4. Place the wire through the cork.
5. Get some tongs and fold the ends of the wire into tiny circles.
6. Make sure when you bend them, that there is still enough space to get a necklace through there.
7. That was it! Now all you have to do is figure out what cool item to put in the bottle.

I have had so much fun deciding what to place in the bottles, I just walked around the house searching for tiny objects like a treasure hunt :) In the end I choose: Beads, keys, glitter dust, a tiny lightbulb and a  piece of paper rolled up as a secret note with a ribbon around it. How much fun that was!

Step 2:

What would you put in your tiny bottle and who would you make it for? Let me know and I would love to see your creations!

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