Introduction: DIY Cardboard Mobile Stand

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We always see videos or see anything we want on mobile, but the biggest problem here comes is. we have to hold the mobile until we finish watching. Unfortunately, after sometime our hands start paining, do today I will show you how to make a mobile stand made of cardboard.

Here we go!


Cardboard (hard one)

Cutter or scissor


Sticky tape (optional).

Step 1: Making Things Ready.

See the image carefully, because this step is fully based on it.

The measurements are also given there itself.

Step 2: Assembling the Things.

Take the biggest cardboard and fold it in half, do not cut anything here!

Take the small ones and same fold both more than half (little bit).

Stick the small ones in side of the big cardboard, shaped as triangle, see the image.

To make it stick better use sticky tapes.

Step 3: Base of Mobile Holder

Cut a cardboard piece for the base of the triangle shaped carboard and stick it below.

The mobile holder is ready.

Step 4: Mobile Holder Ready to Use.

Keep the mobile on the side of it, have a look on the BEAUTIFUL images!

Now need to worry about the pain which you had to bear earlier.

Be happy, keep smiling and no worries!

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