Introduction: DIY Cardboard Table

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You can follow this instructable and make a diy table using cardboard which costs less than three dollars. This is a very useful multi purpose table which you can use as a bed side table. This can hold decent weight and this is protected from water as this is wrapped using wood look vinyl.

Step 1: ​Materials and Tools You Need to Create This Table

You need following materials and tools to make this table

- Sheet of Cardboard

- Wood look vinyl sheet

- Pair of Scissor

- Glue

- Paper knife

- Tape

- Hot glue gun

- Ruler

Step 2: Let's Make It...

Cut cardboard sheet and vinyl paper in following sizes and quantities


20cm X 20cm - 8 pieces

25cm X 18cm - 4 pieces

Vinyl sheet

24cm X 24cm - 2 pieces

25cm X 10cm - 4 pieces

5cm X 5cm - 4 pieces

Step 3: Make the Flat Surface

Apply glue on large cardboard piece(20cm X 20cm) and stick another piece and make stack of 4 sheets. Then it'll get some strengthen and able to hold some weight. And make 2 of them.

Step 4:

Place the back side up of vinyl sheet and place the large and mark four corners and cut them off.

Step 5: Remove the Sticker and Stick the Cardboard

Step 6: Bend the Four Sides and Stick to the Other Side of the Cardboard

Step 7: Legs of the Table

Take other cardboard sheets and roll them and make a pipe of cardboard. And use tape to prevent unrolling. Make 4 of those pipes.

Step 8:

Take the small vinyl piece and remove the sticker. Then stick to top of the pipe. Then cut small strips around and stick them to the pipe. Then stick them firmly using tape.

Step 9: Stick the Vinyl Sheets to Four Table Legs

Step 10:

Mark 5cm from top and bottom of the pipes and make cuts using paper knife.

Step 11:

Apply hot glue in to the cut and insert the corner of the large piece in to that hole.

Step 12: Final Product

Now you have a nice mini table made using cardboard.

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