Android Internal Audio Recorder by Simple Life Hack

Introduction: Android Internal Audio Recorder by Simple Life Hack

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Most of android gamers face huge problem as they are not allowed to record internal audio by Android OS. So they have few options which costs too much or hard ways like rooting the device.

You have following options to record internal audio on Android

- Using Internal Sound Recording Earphones Headphones

-Rooting your phone

But in this video I demonstrate a simple life hack to screen recording with internal audio. You just need head phone and masking tape.

You can record good quality sound with this life hack without any problems.

Step 1: What You Need?

You just need old hand free and masking tape to make this simple tool

Step 2: Making the Tool

Take the mic part of the hand free and find the small holes for the mic in that particular part. Then take one of the ear piece and place the speaker side facing the mic holes of the mic piece.

Step 3: Making the Tool Contd...

Now take piece of masking tape and wrap the mic piece and ear piece together. It should cover whole part to avoid external noises.

Step 4: Done

Now you completed this simple life hack. Just insert the audio jack of our hands free to phone. You can use free screen recorder tool and record screen videos with sounds. Good luck.

You can record quality audio with this simple tool. Watch following video to get clear idea and testing video to the quality of audio it records.

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    Tip 4 years ago

    Something I just realized: for this to work perfectly, you need either non-stereo earbuds or a single earbud, otherwise you will only hear half the sound. Hear's how to make a mono earbud from a stereo pair.


    Question 4 years ago

    It might be more complicated, but is there a way to connect the speaker and mic electrically for flawless audio?

    Tharindu Athapattu
    Tharindu Athapattu

    Answer 4 years ago

    Yes there is a way to cut the hands free wires and connect. But it's bit complicated for most of the people as you said. And also there are hands free devices that can used to record internal audio