Introduction: DIY Choker

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This is a fun, trendy little project I made in about an hour. It's good for those rainy/snowy days where there isn't much to do, and it requires very little supplies-- and once you're done, it's worth all the time you spent on it.

Step 1: What You'll Need

For this DIY I used:

  • Black hemp cord (embroidery thread, leather cord, or bakers twine would also work fine)
  • One charm
  • About an inch and a half of chain
  • A lobster clasp
  • A clipboard
  • Tailor's tape
  • Clear Nail polish (optional but recommended- clear nail polish is a surprisingly useful supply for securing knots and finishing projects, but any other clear drying glue should work just as well)
  • A nail clipper (my scissors were too far away)

Any of the supplies listed can be found at a craft store. My favorite place to go for these things is JoAnns.

Step 2: Taking Measurements

First, we need to know how long we want this necklace to be. So measure your neck by LIGHTLY wrapping the tailor's tape around it. Keep in mind this measurement is going to be exactly how long this necklace is, so make sure when you're measuring the tailor's tape feels comfortable, not too lose, and definitely not too tight. There is going to be a chain at the end so it'll be adjustable, but it's still good to think about doing these measurements as if you don't get the little bit of slack so the necklace fits the best. Once you find the perfect length, remember your measurement- you'll definitely need it later.

Step 3: Cutting the Cord

You'll need four strings to make this. Two of them should be an inch or two longer than your measurement, the other two should be double your measurement at least. Line up these strings so the shorter two strings are in the middle and the longer strings are on either side. Tie them to the lobster clasp, sealing the knot with clear nail polish. Now, secure the lobster clip under your clipboard and let's move on to the knotting.

Step 4: Tying the Knots

For this DIY, you need to know only one knot: the square knot. If this is your first time doing a square knot, the pictures in this step are going to be very helpful for you, so make sure you refer to those if you get confused. Start by taking one of the long threads on the side and crossing it over the middle two threads and finally under the long thread all the way on the other side. It should be in a loose "4" shape. Now take the other long thread that is layered over the thread you first crossed over and move it under the middle two threads and over the first long thread on the other side. Now, hold down the two middle threads and pull the two ends of the long threads snug. You just finished your first knot!! Now keep doing this knot over and over again until your choker is as long as you need it to be.

Step 5: Chains and Charms

once the choker is as long as you want it to be, take all the strings and tie them to the last loop on the chain. Coat the knot in clear nail polish and trim off all the excess thread. Now take a look at your charm. On mine there was a little ring attached to it on the end with a cut in the wire so the ring could be pulled apart. Fold the necklace in half so you can find the exact middle. Then, use your hands or pliers to pull the ring apart and close it around a thread in the middle of the necklace.

Step 6: Try It Out!

And you're done! Have fun wearing it or give it as a nice, thoughtful gift to someone. This project took me about an afternoon to complete and now I wear it all the time. I think chokers really add something to an outfit and are so easy to make. Make sure to vote for me in the jewelry contest and if you made this yourself, post a picture in the comments! I love seeing what all of you make!

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