Introduction: DIY Clear Stickers Without a Printer in One Minute

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Got a minute? Because that's all the time you will need to make a simple clear sticker without a printer. (I'll prove it in the video!)

And if you have more time, even better!

The possibilities with this method are endless, you can decorate, make them gifts and do this with kids as well.

So let's begin!


  • baking paper
  • (coloured) pencils
  • clear tape / adhesive foil
  • scissors

Step 1: Let Out Your Inner Artist

It's all possible thanks to the magic of baking paper.

Just draw on it with coloured pencils of any colour, even white and other bright colours.

Since baking paper is a little transparent, you can place a template underneath and trace it. How useful!

Step 2: Cover It Up and Cut It Out

Next, cover your drawing with tape. You can use clear adhesive foil as well for even bigger motives!

Be sure to use a perfectly clean piece of tape without any spots, dust or fingermarks on it. They will be quite visible, especially on a clear surface.

Then cut out your sticker - I recommend not to leave a lot of clear tape around your design. That will make it look much cleaner :)

Step 3: Place It Wherever You Like!

Now it's time to go crazy and decorate or label everything you own!

Just remove any dust or grease from the surfaces you want to place your stickers on.

Your self-made stickers will have a chalky or distressed look. Not every sticker will turn out great, but they are easy to remove and easy to remake, so don't worry!

A side note: I tried felt tip pens, fineliners, Sharpies and crayons as well, but they don't really work.

This craft can be fun for adults and kids alike, you could even let a toddler do the drawing and use that as a sticker!

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