Introduction: DIY Coffee Table

Tables these days can cost a lot of money, which is why we decided to make our own less than a dollar, cardboard table, that actually works!!! Our idea was to take a bunch of old boxes and turn them into a fully functioning table. Although we didn't decorate feel free to let your imagination run with creative ideas to help make this table look stunning. If all goes well you will have a free coffee table in less than 20 mins.

Shoutout to merkman99 and akivarr for working on this table with me, everyone go give them a follow.

Step 1: Find Your Materials

First you want to find your materials. These materials can come from anywhere around the house, including the trash. You will need these 4 simple materials

1 large sized cardboard box

2 small sized cardboard boxes

masking tape


(optional) decorative materials to spice up the table

It only takes these 4 simple materials to make a nice coffee table. How easy is that!!!

Step 2: Making the Legs of the Table

The first thing you have to do is make the legs of the table, well if you want it to stand that is. What you have to do is take one of the small boxes, and open the bottom of them creating an open box. Then what you want to do is cut one of the corners of the boxes with the knife or scissors, making a flat cardboard piece with flaps hanging on both sides. Then there should be 4 mini pieces, each with a flap on both sides of the piece, and what you want to do is cut the 4 pieces in half, leaving 2 mini pieces each with 4 flaps on the sides. Then what you want to do is tape the 2 flaps on one side of the first mini piece and do the same with the other side. Then repeat this step with the other mini piece of cardboard, making 2 legs. Repeat this step with the other cardboard box, and you have 4 legs!!!!

If this made no sense to you what so ever, there is no shame it may look complicated to do but it really is not. Also the pictures can help as a visual to help build the legs.

Step 3: Making the Table

Now what you have to do is make the actual table. This is the last step and easiest by far. First take the big box and flatten it, you can do this by simply sitting on it or stepping on it. Then you will have to tape the boxes cracks and crevasses, so it can hold stuff on it. Then we will tape the legs on the box, 2 on each side with the insides of the legs facing each other, for extra support. This can be accomplished by simply putting tape across the leg, and taping it to the box. If the leg is loose don't worry it can be fixed, just simply add extra tape to the leg.

Boom, you have a table!!!!!

How simple was that!!!

Now be creative, add some decorations, draw on the table, add some table cloths.

Step 4: Vwalla You Have a Cheap, Creative and Sturdy Table

Thanks to everyone for reading this, if you have any questions on making it please post it on the comments. Hopefully it worked out for you as easy as it did for me.

Please vote, like and comment I love haring the feedback you guys have!!

Thanks again and enjoy :)

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