Introduction: Cardboard Hand Bag

In this instructable @MerkMan99 and I decided to find ways to use that extra cardboard we all have lying around in our houses. We decided to make a cool retro hand bag/purse out of a few materials that everyone has somewhere in their house.
So get digging and enjoy!!

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Over some of the pictures I have created notes if you are lost, so scroll over them and see if they have any notes.

Step 1: Creating the Base

The first step to creating your awesome hand bag is to make the base. To complete this step you will need pieces of cardboard, tape and scissors.

First you will take 4 sections of cardboard and and start cutting one of the sections in half. Then with the 2 halves of cardboard, you will tape each half onto each end of the 3 piece of cardboard creating a long box with no top.

Now that you have created the base it's time to make the top.

Step 2: Creating the Upper Half

If you get lost at any time look at the pictures they can be very helpful...

To create this upper half of the bag you will need more cardboard and tape.

Now with a big cardboard piece cut out a circle which is double the height of the base.

Now cut the circle in half, creating 2 semi circles about the same size as the base.

Take one semi circle and place it directly on one side of the base (the longer side), and start taping it on. Now do the same with the other half.

Now take a piece of cardboard that fits in between the sides of the semi circles, curve it and make it so that's it's about half way up. Do the same with the other side.

I know this may sound confusing but trust me it's easy.

Step 3: Adding the Strap

In this step you will add a strap that can be made out of whatever you want (ribbon, lace, paper, pipe cleaners, or whatever creative idea you have). We decided to make ours out of pipe cleaner but feel free to use whatever you want.

What you will want to do is to poke 2 holes by the top of the bag, across from eachother. Now take your material and place it over the bag, with the 2 ends place them through the holes and tie them on.

Now your material should be arched over your bag acting as a handle, but if it isn't try again!!

Now your bag is done!! All that is left is decorating.

Step 4: Decorating Your Bag

Now it's your turn to do whatever you want to your bag!! Let your creativity flow! Do whatever you feel is creative.

We decided to wrap bits and pieces of news paper around the cardboard to give it a little color and flair, but do whatever you want.

To decorate it out of newspaper you will start wrapping your bag in the newspaper until you can't see the box anymore. Using bits and pieces of the paper will make it more mosaic like but if that's not your deal then don't do it.

Now take your bag with you and go show the world what you have created!!!

Step 5: Thank You for Viewing!!!

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