Introduction: DIY Covid-19 Test Booth. Part 2. How to Make an Adaptor to Connect the Booth to Gloves

The purpose of this instructions is to provide a solution to those interested to make a "phone booth" for Covid-19 test with commonly available materials.

One of the critical component is the adapter to connect the gloves to the holes on the booth.

This instruction is part 2 of DIY Covid-19 Test Booth.

There are a total of 5 parts.

Part 1. How to Make a Long Cuff (Sleeve) Latex Gloves From Two Short Gloves

Part 2. How to make an adapter to connect the Booth to gloves

Part 3. How to make a basic phone booth for Covid-19 test

Part 4. How to create a positive air pressure in the booth.

Part 5. Installing intercom system


1. Plastic pot (adapter)

2. Double sided tape

3. Cable tie 18 inch

4. Cutting tool (metal saw).

Step 1: Cut/remote the Base of the Pot Away

To remove the base, there are a few methods:

Option 1: Use a metal saw.

Option 2: Cut with red hot knife.

Step 2: Install Glove on the Pot (adaptor)

Apply double sided tape on the outer side of the pot. Then install the glove and install cable tie.

Step 3: Install Adapter (pot) on the Hole Created on the Booth

There are a few ways to install adapter on the round hole on the booth.

Option 1: Glue the adapter to hole from outside booth.

Option 2: Apply a ring and followed by option 1.

Here, for simplicity of this instruction, the acrylic was not presented.

Alternative:Glass is allow but extra care needed to sanding the glass holes. This is ti prevent potential injury in case medical worker scratch on sharp glass edge.

Step 4: Repeat Step 1 to Step 3 for Another Side of the Gloves