Introduction: DIY Covid-19 Test Booth. Part 5. Installating Intercom System

The purpose of this instructions is to provide a solution to those interested to make a "phone booth" for Covid-19 test with commonly available materials.One of the needed component is an intercom system.

There are a total of 5 parts.

Part 1. How to Make a Long Cuff (Sleeve) Latex Gloves From Two Short Gloves

Part 2. How to make an adapter to connect the Booth to gloves

Part 3. How to make a basic phone booth for Covid-19 test

Part 4. How to create a positive air pressure in the booth.

Part 5. Installing intercom system

Step 1: Option 1: Install Intercom App on Touch Screen Smartphone

Look for two unit of smartphones with Wifi & hotspot function (all today phone has this)

Download "Intercom for Android" by Infinite Buffer from Google Play and install.

Set one with hotspot and another one to wifi.

Run the App.

To prevent the phone from missing or miss place, include a security cable on the phone.

Step 2: Option 2: Install at Real Intercom System