Introduction: DIY Covid-19 Test Booth. Part 1. How to Make a Long Cuff (Sleeve) Latex Gloves From Two Short Gloves

The purpose of this instructions is to provide a solution to those interested to make a "phone booth" for Covid-19 test but can't find the long sleeve gloves needed.
I was looking for long sleeve latex gloves, one of the critical components needed to build the famous Korean "phone booth" for Covid-19 test. After search online and contacted many stores, distributors and even gloves factories, and realise that long sleeve gloves is in short supplies and expensive.
What I found plenty is the normal type which is elbow length. What I did was to cut off one of the pair at a point between wrist and thumb. Then both gloves were attached to a PVC band.

This instruction is the part 1 of DIY Covid-19 Test Booth.

There are a total of 5 parts.

Part 1. How to Make a Long Cuff (Sleeve) Latex Gloves From Two Short Gloves

Part 2. How to make an adapter to connect the Booth to gloves

Part 3. How to make a basic phone booth for Covid-19 test

Part 4. How to create a positive air pressure in the booth.

Part 5. Installing intercom system



Two pairs of elastic latex gloves with suitable size.
4.5 inch PVC
PVC tape
Cable tie 18 inch
Double sided tape

Before put to use, please check the gloves for manufacturing date and test the gloves for leaking/holes, damage and lost of elasticity.

Step 1: Cut a Glove

Cut the glove at a point as show on the photo.

Step 2: Cut a Band Out of a 4.5 Inch PVC Duct

The width is approximately 1 inch.

Step 3: Apply Double Sided Tape Along the PVC Band

This is to prevent the glove from slip away from PVC band.

Step 4: Install the Glove End on PVC Band

Step 5: Apply Another Layer of Double Sided Tape on the Glove's Surface

This is to prevent the glove from slip away.

Step 6: Install Another Glove on the PVC Band

Apply cable tie as shown on photo. Install a few round if PVC tape before cable tie is recomended (not in photo). This is to allow firm grip and to prevent leakage.

Step 7: A Long Sleeve Gloves Is Ready

Please refer to the photo

Step 8: Repeat Step 2 to 6 for Another Side of the Gloves

At the end, a pair of long sleeve gloves is ready.