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REQUIREMENTS: 1)Pencil 2) Glue/White PVA glue (preferably) 3)M-seal/clay/or any other substitute (if you use clay the egg will be easily damaged) 4)paints (red/green/orange/gold and black and gold)

Step 1:

Take equal quantities of white and black m-seal and mix with your hands
(if you are using another substitute skip this step) Take the amount you want to make a dragon egg .

Step 2:

Mold it into an egg like shape and attach it to the pencil end.

Step 3:

Using the remaining dough proceed to make dragon scales . Mold small pieces of clay into tear drop shapes. Make at least 15-20.

Step 4:

Start at the top , take 3 scales and attach them to the egg using glue as shown in the picture below.

Step 5:

Make the next layer of dragon scales by sticking them in between 2 scales of the layer above.

Step 6:

Keep adding more layers. The last layer should extend to the pencil

Step 7:

Wait for the m-seal to harden. If you use clay you can skip this step.

Step 8:

Now paint the egg according to your will.Start with a solid color (red for Drogon , green for Rhaegal , orange for Viserion)
Paint the whole egg the solid color . Add 2 more coats and let it dry. Then paint the tips of the raindrop shaped dragon scales gold to add dimension. Take black paint and paint the gaps between the scales to give a shadow effect.