Introduction: How to Make a Dancing Robot

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The people who use it or even those who don't, know that android is a wonderful mobile operating system. Google has also designed a droid as a symbol for this wonderful OS. I noticed that the market is flooded with toys that resemble an android robot.

In this Instructable, i decided to make an Android robot with some usual stuff i had (like cardboard and motor). I also decided to give it some random movements. After designing this android robot, it came out so well and it makes such wonderful moves that it just feels as if its a simple dancing android robot. If you also would like to know how to make a Dancing Android Robot easily at home, this instructable is for you.

Have fun, enjoy and all the best..:)

Step 1: Watch the Video

A video is a wonderful tool that provides deep insight to the procedure and makes it easy to follow. However, also visit next steps for additional details and images.

Step 2: Order Parts

  1. Dual Axis DC motor -
  2. Ice Cream Sticks -
  3. Switch -
  4. Battery -
  5. Battery Connector Clip -
  6. Hot Glue Gun -
  7. Soldering Iron -

  1. Dual Axis DC motor -
  2. Ice Cream Sticks -
  3. Switch -
  4. Battery -
  5. Battery Connector Clip -
  6. Hot Glue Gun -
  7. Soldering Iron -

  1. Dual Axis DC motor -
  2. Ice Cream Sticks -
  3. Switch -
  4. Battery -
  5. Battery Connector Clip -
  6. Hot Glue Gun -
  7. Soldering Iron -

From Home & Local Store: Wooden skewers, Cardboard, Aluminium Foil, Super Glue, Spray paint, PVC Pipe and connecting wires.

Step 3: Begin Building Motion Mechanism

  • Take few ice cream sticks.
  • Soak them in super glue to make them strong, so they do not break while drilling holes.
  • Take a dual axis DC motor and a wooden small piece of wooden skewer.
  • Insert the wooden skewer through the motor body as shown in the image above.
  • Place an ice cream stick and mark points over it so that the points align with the skewer and motor shaft.
  • Using Mini PCB Drill, make holes at the marked points. Note: You can watch the video or read my instructable to make the mini PCB drill at home.
  • Refer to the image above and cut the pieces from ice cream sticks.
  • Fix the pieces to the skewer and motor shaft.
  • Insert small skewer pieces in all the holes as shown.
  • Secure all the parts with super glue.
  • Repeat all the steps for other side as well.

Step 4: Complete Motion Mechanism

  1. Take another ice cream stick and place it over the side of motor.
  2. Mark the points at the farthest distance of both the skewer pieces.
  3. Using mini drill, make holes at the marked points.
  4. Insert the ice cream stick in the skewers over the motor.
  5. Sandwich the stick with other small pieces as shown in the attached image.
  6. Secure the parts such that the ice cream is free to move.
  7. Repeat the steps for other side a well.

Step 5: Make Android Legs and Hands

  1. Take a piece of cardboard with single ply.
  2. Remove the top layer of the paper from cardboard, so that it becomes flexible to fold.
  3. Place a AA battery at the center and wrap the cardboard around it.
  4. Secure it with cellophane tape and remove the battery.
  5. Take a sheet of Aluminium foil and fold it to make a squeezed ball.
  6. Apply hot glue and paste the ball at the edge of the wrapped cardboard.
  7. Using Fluorescent green spray paint, color the part evenly.
  8. Make four such pieces. (two for legs and two for hands).
  9. As shown in the image above, make holes and insert two wires through one of the legs.
  10. Solder the wires to the motor terminals.

Step 6: Make Android Head

  1. Take a medium sized plastic ball (size will depend on the size of robot you want to build).
  2. Cut the plastic ball into two at the point slightly far from the center.
  3. Measure the diameter of the bigger portion.
  4. Make two circles with the measured diameter over a sheet of cardboard.
  5. Evenly cut both the cardboard circles using a knife.
  6. Fix one of the cardboard circle inside the plastic ball and secure it with super glue.

Step 7: Make Android Body

  1. Take the motion mechanism.
  2. Apply hot glue to the ice cream stick and attach both the legs as shown in the image.
  3. Make sure that both the wires are free to move.
  4. Make a triangle with an angle of about 60° from cardboard sheet.
  5. Take the other cardboard circle that we made in previous step.
  6. Using Hot glue, paste the motion mechanism over the inclined edge of the triangle.
  7. Take a single ply cardboard sheet and remove the top paper layer from it.
  8. Apply hot glue at the edge of cardboard circle and paste the cardboard sheet around the circle to make a android body.
  9. Paint fluorescent green color over the android body.

Note: Make sure to refer to the images above or watch the video to avoid any possible errors.

Step 8: Assemble the Body Parts

  1. Evenly paint all the parts with fluorescent green color or any other color of choice.
  2. Make a cardboard strip and paint it black from one side.
  3. Using hot glue, paste the strip over the android body to make a neck as shown in the image above.
  4. Apply hot glue over the edge and paste the android had over the body.
  5. Our Android robot is almost complete.
  6. Don't yet paste the hands to the body.

Step 9: Make the Dancing Platform

  1. Take a square sheet of cardboard.
  2. Make four cardboard strips with width about an inch.
  3. Insert a simple switch in one of the cardboard strips.
  4. Using hot glue, paste the strips around the cardboard strip to make a platform.
  5. Make a small hole over the cardboard at a point slightly away from the center.
  6. Take the android robot and insert both the wires through the hole.
  7. Secure the android robot over the platform using hot glue.
  8. Using Hot glue, paste both the android hands to the body as shown in the image.
  9. Take a PVC pipe and cut a U-shape over the top edge.
  10. Make a hole just beneath the lower hand and secure the pipe in the hole with hot glue.
  11. Make sure the Android's hand rest well over the PVC pipe.
  12. The PVC pipe provides support to the android robot when in ideal position. this reduces the strain on the legs.

Step 10: Make Connections

  1. Take a 9v battery and a battery connector clip.
  2. Connect one of the wire from battery to the switch.
  3. Connect other battery wire to the motor.
  4. Connect the remaining motor wire to the remaining switch wire.
  5. The circuit is simple to just control motor operation with a switch.
  6. Apply hot glue and secure the battery at the bottom of the platform.

Step 11: Test the Dancing Android

Over turn the platform after insulating all the connections. Our DIY Dancing Android Robot is now ready. Just Turn the switch On and you will see how wonderfully the robot dances and makes awesome moves. It is a wonderful toy for kids to sit and enjoy watching.

So Friends, this here concludes the instructable, stay tuned and Follow to receive regular updates. In case you might have missed, watch the video and see how i made this DIY Dancing Android robot at home.

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