Introduction: DIY Distressed T-Shirt Dress

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Quick, easy and cheap way to make a DIY distressed t-shirt dress. :)

Full video tutorial:

Step 1: Gather Materials

What you'll need:

  • Large t-shirt (I used 2XL for added length since I'm tall)
  • Bleach in a spray bottle
  • Fabric scissors

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Step 2: Cut & Distress Shirt

Cut holes and make rips/scrapes across the front and back of the shirt, with particular attention around the collar and bottom (see video for demonstration). You may choose to create large holes at the top and bottom like I did with smaller holes in other areas, or you may prefer small holes only!

Step 3: Spray Bleach Onto Shirt

Using a spray bottle, apply bleach onto the front and back of the shirt. You can lightly mist areas for a lighter color change and let the bleach drip in some areas for bigger spots. Spray the bleach all over for a uniform look or select isolated areas!

*Note: I recommend using gloves to avoid getting any bleach on your hands. I also recommend doing this step outdoors instead of indoors for ventilation purposes.

Step 4: Rinse & Dry

After letting the bleach sink in for about 5 minutes, toss the shirt into the washer by itself for a rinse cycle. Then, hang the shirt up to air dry or machine dry it–whichever you prefer (I let mine air dry).

Step 5: All Done

That's it! Now just style the shirt/dress with accessories (e.g. boots, leggings, jacket, etc.) and you're ready to go. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! :)