Hi friends! Today we are going to make a smart greenhouse.

What will this do?

  • It will irrigate your plants automatically.
  • It will spread light in periods.
  • It will sense the air quality.
  • It will sense the water level of plant.

Let's start!

Step 1: What Will We Use?

  1. Arduino
  2. Breadnboard
  3. Gas Sensor(MQ-135)
  4. Water Level Sensor
  5. Relay
  6. 5110 Screen
  7. 2 Meters cable (2-3 Channels)
  8. Adapter
  9. Water Box
  10. 3 Fan
  11. l298n motor driver
  12. Mini water pump
  13. Lamp
  14. Lamp socket
  15. Some hardwoods

Step 2: Hardwoods'

  • 60cm x 40cm = 4 Pieces
  • 40cm x 40cm = 3 Pieces

I used hot glue for pasting work. Be careful while making the box. You should make like in photos. We should reserve space for arduino, waterbox ex.

Step 3: Water Box and Light Socket

  • Make hole on water box for water pipe and pumps' cable.
  • Take a place for light socket in plant receptacle.

Step 4: Fan

  • Paste the fans each other,
  • Make hole on box for fan.
  • Weld the cables each other

Step 5: Add Hinge

Buy 2 or 3 hinges and add them for using door.

Step 6: Placement

!! Be Careful for using 220V !!

Step 7: Fritzing

We will use 220V for 2 thing; 1-Light, 2-Power For Arduino (You can change this)

Step 8: Attention

  1. Be careful for using water and 220V.
  2. Don't confuse GND and 5V.

Step 9: CODES

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Step 10: YouTube Video

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