Introduction: DIY Egg Shell Planters

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Looking for a last minute Easter craft idea? Here’s a quick, inexpensive yet awesome idea!

I’m really happy with these planters, they turned out just as I wanted. And now that I’ve started indoor gardening these egg planters can be a great addition to the rest of the planters.

You probably have all the required supplies, now all you need is 15 minutes to make some!

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make these egg shell planters you'll need:

  • Eggs
  • Golden spray paint
  • Craft wire - 14-16 gauge
  • Craft pliers

Step 2: Preparing the Shells

You’ll need to break and drain the eggs carefully.

Break the 1/4 of the egg shell from the top. Make sure to keep the edge as even as possible.

Apply golden spray paint on the shells and allow the paint to dry. Apply 2 coats is necessary.

Step 3: Making the Stand

Take the 14 or 16 gauge craft wire and hold it from its open end without cutting it from the bundle.

Create a small loop using the looping pliers at the open end. Circle the wire around that loop to create a spiral pattern. Keep it nice and even.

Once you’re satisfied with the size of the spiral pattern cut it off from the bundle. The size of the spiral would depend on the size of the eggs.

Carefully pull the open end of the spiral pattern to form a cup shape. Pull them up slowly and evenly. Make sure to keep 3-4 spirals flat from the center as we’ll be using these as stands for the eggs.

Step 4: Completing the Planters

Place the egg shells on the spiral wire stands.

Add small plants or plastic plant to the planters.

You can use these egg planters as decor pieces or make some for family and friends.

Happy crafting! :)

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