Introduction: DIY Embroidered Clay Rings

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Suddenly stroke a idea , How it will be if I combined clay and embroidery?And here is the result....DIY Embroidered Clay Rings.This is a simple project that anyone can do and I hope you will give a try too.

Step 1: Materials Required

Polymer clay (color of your choice) - I used premo sculpey

Rolling pin

Needle and embroidery floss

Cookie cutters (optional)

Dottie tool (optional)

Sharpie metallic markers (optional)


Adjustable Ring blank

E-6000 glue

Step 2:

Condition and roll the clay flat using rolling pin.

Step 3:

Use cookie cutter and cut a shape of your choice. You can also use a xacto knife or just roll the clay into a snake shape and form alphabets to use in the rings. The choice is yours :)

Step 4:

Use needle or any pointy tool to poke holes for the stitches.Plan your design before you actual start poking holes. For example, whether you are going to do cross stitch or back stitch or spell out a word. ( I have done a sample in each to give you a idea )

Step 5:

Once done with holes, bake your clay pieces at 275 F for 30 minutes (Refer your package for timings and temperature). Use a normal copy paper below your pieces to prevent shiny spots.

Step 6:

Thread the needle with two / three strands of embroidery floss and secure the ends with knot.Start embroidering you clay piece with the thread by starting from back to front and ending it at the back with a knot.

Step 7:

This is a totally optional step.You can also use metallic sharpie to add some glam to your rings if you wish to.

Step 8:

Apply a dab of glue in the ring blank and secure it in the center back of the clay.Allow it to dry and Voila !! Your ring is ready to wear.

Step 9:

Here is how each ring looks.How easy was that ? You can do simple as well as complex patterns using this method. The Dottie tool I used was perfect to put holes but you can also use needle to make holes. Make sure to make the holes perfect before baking for easy embroidery :). What do you think about this rings? Let me know in the comments below. If you make this rings, what design will you make ? If you like this instructable, please take a moment to vote for me in "Rings challenge " :) Thank you.

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