Introduction: DIY Faux Sea Glass Frame

This time i tried to make faux sea glass frame. I made it with clear epoxy resin ,you have to take out the epoxy stone before it hard,because you made stone with hands easily. You Took any size of cardboard for frame its up to you.If you like the video press thumbs up button ,share , comment & subscribe.

Step 1: Making of Sea Glass With Resin

I took clear epoxy resin .I made 4 different colors ,white ,light green, blue,dark blue pigments. Mix the colors one by one in little amount of epoxy resin . Pour these in molds,leave it dry for few hours.Take out all of it ,it should be soft .Now cut it in different sizes & shaped them with the help of hands.

Step 2: Making of Cardboard Frame.

I took cardboard and cut it into two pieces just like i did.Cut the center piece to shape the frame .On second piece make the pocket for the photo. For the stand i took one circle & one piece of cardboard . Cover the both pieces with the black piece of cloth ,you may use any type of cloth or any paper, its up to you.I paste white chart paper on my frame, now i will paste the glass.

Step 3: Pasting of Sea Glass

For pasting of sea glass on frame i used hot glue gun. I paste one by one different colors on frame .After that i used pearls, than sea shells & crystal ice stones. My frame decoration is done.

Step 4: Finial Pics

Now paste second part of cardboard in the back of frame .With the help of hot glue gun stand will be pasted .My project is ready .Here is few pics of my faux sea glass frame.I used light colors in resin, you may use colors of your choice .My beautiful frame is ready for photo.You may gift it to your friends ,it looks so gorgeous.

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