DIY Feather Pad Earrings




Introduction: DIY Feather Pad Earrings

About: I'm a Speech-Language Pathologist during the day and a Creative DIY-ologist by night. From Oklahoma by way of Washington D.C. I'm just here to share my ideas.

1. Feather pads

2. Earring hooks

3. Needle (or a tool to poke a hole in the pads)

4. Tweezers (or pliers to close the earring hook)

Ebay has a great selection of feather pads but you can also get them at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Etsy, or google "feather pads".

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Those are stunning! I've never heard of feather pads before, but I will keep an eye out in Michael's ;) One suggestion for the future, you could add some coordinating chain with crystal beads, or just a few lengths of chain for more embellishment. Thank you for the inspiration! I look forward to making my own earrings like these :D