Introduction: DIY Fire Balls!

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Hello Instructables! Welcome to my Project!Now my project is about fire.

This fireballs is easy to make,I'm just used simple stuff.And if you did this project,you must be so happy because see the flame.

By the way i'm sorry if my english is terrible :V So Let's get started!

Step 1: What You Need:

-Cotton Balls
-Sewing thread
-Alcohol 70%
-a candle to burn the balls

Step 2: Take the Cotton Balls and Roll Up the Thread

First,Take the cotton balls and roll up the sewing thread around the cotton balls.

Step 3: Make the Cotton Balls Wet

Second,make the cotton balls wet with the alcohol.

Step 4: BURN IT!

Last Step,burn the cotton balls with the candle,and you're done!

Note:If you want to hold the fireballs,please be careful!because it's hot and dangerous!

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