Introduction: DIY Cardboard Gaming Steering Wheel

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Hello Instructables!

So recently a game that i've been waiting for is out on the playstore and i felt so happy.The gameee is *drum roll* Mario Kart (Tour)! I love playing this game especially at the amusement arcade.But sometimes we don't have money to go there right? *bruh* So i decided to make a steering wheel as a solution for fun.I know this is far from the arcade, but what's wrong with it?

pardon me if my grammar still looks terrible, because i'm still learning to make a good instructable.Cheers!


So here's supplies that you need :


-Glue Gun / Anything to glue

-Hobby Knife



-Aluminium Foil

-Pencil & Pen

-Compass ( drawing tool )


-Pen spring, used pen

Step 1: The Steering Wheel

This is the most tiring part i guess...


Decide your shape of the steering wheel.You can look on the google for some inspiration.I pick this design because it's the most compatible for a vertical position ( because mario kart is vertical ).After you find your design,let's take the action!

So first, draw a circle line using the compass, or you could use a circle object. Make 2 of it, the bigger and the smaller one. My circle is 30 cm and 26 cm diameter.After that, draw your phone edge in the middle of the circle ( pic 4 ).Draw a straight line between the smaller circle and the place for the phone ( pic 5 ).

Second, using the hobby knife / scissors, cut the part that must be cut ( pic 6 & 7 ).

I make 3 for the phone holder and 2 for the back side. The amount needed depends on your phone.

Third, just stick them all. i stick the phone holder first and then the back side ( pic 10,11,12 ).

Step 2: The Wheel Stand

I choose the easy way to make the wheel stand.

So i make three parts. The base, and two triangles. And then just stick them like in the pic 2. You can make it better by thickening it.For me it's enough to hold the steering wheel weight.

Step 3: The Steering Wheel + the Stand

To make the steering wheel can rotate,

make 4 cardboard circle ( i call it donuts after this ) with a hole that fit the battery in the middle.

Combine 2 pieces into 1 so we have 2 donuts now ( pic 2 ).

Stick the donuts and the battery on the back of steering wheel ( pic 3 ).Stick the other donuts on the wheel stand.Don't forget to add a hole in the stand.

Finally, put the battery in the wheel stand hole.

Step 4: Make It Better

The basic steering wheel is already done actually, but to make it more easy to use,i'm adding a little bit upgrade.

- The first one is a ribbon used to remove the phone after it's finished. All you have to do is take a ribbon, stick it to the top part of the phone holder, and add a piece of little cardboard to strengthen the ribbon.

- The second one is a kind of stylus used to touch your phone like for speed boost,etc. To make the stylus, i'm using aluminium foil, pen spring, and used pen. Stick the pen spring on the bottom right of the phone holder ( pic 3 ).Then, make the stylus by wrapping the used pen with aluminium foil.Don't forget to make the edge slightly rounded. After that, stick the tip of the stylus ( not the rounded one ) on the right part of the steering wheel ( pic 4 ) and on the pen spring.

And those make us easier to use the steering wheel, isn't it?

Step 5: Anddd We're Done!

And that's it! Finally we can enjoy our game time with a new 'equipment'.

Thank you for visiting my instructable, I hope you guys like it.And don't forget to vote me in the Cardboard Speed Challenge!

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