Introduction: Recycling Used Pens Into an Action Figure

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This project has been on my mind for a long time, and I started trying to execute the idea in the past 2 weeks or so. When I began to try to separate the parts of the pen, it turned out at that time I failed, for example, there was a broken, melted, and so forth (last pic). At that time I also felt that the ingredients were not enough (although in the end there were many left). I also think that plastic is not as easily shaped as cardboard or clay. So I left this project because I don't think this will be realized. Somehow, I suddenly got the idea that plastic can be formed by burning it in a short period of time. I immediately executed it, and it worked! So that's how I was finally able to complete this random project.

My project is making an action figure from used pens. Actually this is an abstract project once again I say because it all depends on your imagination and this project is certainly based on my imagination. Imagine as cool as possible to create a cool action figure!

If you ask what the name of this action figure is, I named him: Alpha Z Sentinel (it's a cool name, right?)

And that's the intro, now let's get started!

Step 1: What You Need

To be able to make this project, here is what you need :

1. Tools

  • Saw ( i don't have the grip :D)
  • Glue Gun
  • C-Clamp
  • A candle
  • Plier
  • A nail

2. Materials

  • Pens
  • Acrylic paint

Step 2: Separating Parts of Pens

I think this is a pretty tiring step, but this step is fundamental to this project, so let's get started!

- First, separate parts that can be separated without the help of any tools.

- Second, pull the pen tip from the ink chamber with a plier. wash the pen tip and the ink chamber to remove the remaining ink.

- Third, cut the pen clip using a saw.

- Fourth, cut the section between the short tube and the long tube (pic 8), so we can take out the thrust device and pushbutton from its place. (pic 9).

- Now group them by section so it's easier to see. after all the parts are separate, it's time to use our imagination do create an action figure!

Step 3: Weapons

For the weapons, prepare two ink chambers, two pen tips, one pen grip, two pushbuttons, one short tube, four pen clips, and one thrust device.

1. Spear (Pict. 3)

This is the easiest one!

So just combine the pen tip and the ink chamber, and then combine it to the pen grip with the glue gun. I cut a little bit the pen grip so it looks more proportional.

2. The "Blaster" (Pict. 8)

- I cut the ink chamber slightly so it's not too long.

- With a hot nail (or something hot enough to melt a plastic), make a hole in the ink chamber, and then glue the push button inside.

- Place the pen clip on the end of the ink chamber, up, down, right, and left. (pic. 8)

3. Gun (Pict. 10)

- With a hot nail, make two holes for the pen tip ( for aiming) and the thrust device (as the magazine).

- Stick the push button on one side of the tube which is further from the thrust device. (pic.10)

I know it looks ugly for now, but after painting, it will be much better. :)

Step 4: Head Unit

For the head, prepare one pen clip, one short tube, one thrust device, one push button, and two pen tips.

- Cut the short tube to make it more proportional.

- And then just stick all of them together. ( look at the pic for a reference )

- The function of the thrust device is to connect on the body later.

Step 5: Body and Waist Unit

For the waist, prepare two pushbuttons, and three short tubes.

- combine as in picture 2, two tubes for the top, and one below it. stick the push buttons on the left and right. *revision: tube located at the bottom should be shorted so that the location of the leg will not pass through the waist (last pic).*

For the body, prepare 5 short tubes.

- combine as in picture 5, 3 for the front, and 2 for the back.

- I also melt the left and right on the front side to be more seen as a figure.

- - - -

- join the body unit with the waist unit, with a pushbutton in between.

the result is on the picture no.7.

Step 6: Arm Unit

For the arms, prepare two long tubes, two pen clips, and two thrust devices.

- Melt and bend the long tubes using c-clamp, candle, and plier. Its curves are adjusted depending on the weapon that will be held. As you can see, both have different forms.

- Make two holes with the hot nail on both arms, one for the thrust device ( as a joint ), one for holding the weapon ( in the scorched part ).

- Insert the thrust device into the upper hole.

- Finally, I add some kind of decoration with the pen clips, like an armor i guess.

Step 7: Leg Unit

For the legs, prepare two long tubes, two pen grips, and four pen clips.

- Combine the long tube and the pen grip. Measure and divide these parts, which one will be the leg and the foot.

- After dividing it into two parts. Melt and bend the pen grip that will become the leg with the help of a c-clamp, candle, and plier.

- The pen grip has flexed, then stick the pen clips to the feet ( pic 4 ). Now it looks like a bird's leg, so random isn't it?

Step 8: Paint

After we finish making all of the units, time to change the ugly look ( the units ) into a better one!

This project absolutely depends on your imagination, so give it the best color you want!

And don't forget to let it dry for a period of time so you don't make your hands dirty.

Step 9: Assembling the Units

Now the units are covered with great colors, so it's time to assemble all of the units!

I started with connecting the head to the body and then putting the weapons on the arm, pairing the legs on the body, connecting the arm to the body, sticking the gun on the waist, and adding decorations ( those two spears ) on the back of the body. Now the Alpha Z Sentinel is ready!

Step 10: Final Touch

I made this step because after assembling the units, it turns out that some parts of the paint are peeling off, so i need a final touch, which is to paint it once more for the peeled units, and for colors that are not strong enough.

I also cleaned the visible glue, and well, tidied it up so it looked better.

And we're done!

Thank you for seeing this random project, I hope you can get inspiration from it, or even made one! If you think this is a good one, your support for me on the Finish It Already Challenge will be very appreciated, because it's pretty hard to turn off my procrastination mode hehe jk :D

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