Introduction: DIY Firefly Party

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Calling all Firefly fans! This instructable gives you some ideas on how to create a Firefly-themed party.

Complete with:


Ice Planets

Inara's Shuttle

Kaylee's Room


and more


('Firefly' and "Serenity" are trademark/copyright/property of Fox and Universal pictures)

Step 1: Plan and Mail Invite

This occasion was for a friend's 30th birthday.

Delegate assignments. What food will be served. Who will make what crafts.

Determine where and when the party will be.

Create guest list.

Mail invitations

These invitations feature "thirty" in firefly font on the front of the post card, created in photoshop.


I got a lot of help for ideas by searching the internet.

Here are some sites for more inspiration:

Step 2: Props - Inara's Shuttle

When it comes to recreating Inara's shuttle, think exotic fabrics and candles.

I raided Goodwill for dark red and gold colored sheets, curtains and table cloths.

These were all hung with command hooks and string around the entire room. Safety pins help hold them in place as well.

Candles can be expensive! Make your own fake candles. I took about 3-4" of a paper towel cardboard tube and put an "x" over one end with scotch tape. Then roll the tube plus about 2 inches in two sheets of red tissue paper. Cut and tape the paper to fit with transparent scotch tape. Put a LED tealight candle on your "x" scotch tape platform and there you have a candle.

Candle holders and pillows were also thrift store finds.

Step 3: Kaylee's Bunk

Kaylee's bunk featured her shindig dress, a parasol (purchased), string lights and flowers (silk flowers hot glued together in a string).

Dress instructable here:

Step 4: Serenity Cockpit/Control Station

The control panels are cardboard boxes with arcade buttons and switches poked through the tops.

To get a metallic look, spray paint boxes black, lightly spray a metallic silver or chrome on edges and immediately roughen the metallic paint by scrubbing a wad of newspaper on it.

Caution stripes were made with masking tape and yellow and red spray paints. The "screw heads" is a pencil eraser dipped in black paint and stamped on.

For a lit control panel, poke holes in the cardboard and stick a few Christmas lights through the back.

The view window is a big box that was folded and ductaped to stand upright. Use masking tape (with newspaper for overspray) to make the beams. Start with the main beam by spray painting a solid silver stripe. Add dimension by lightly painting the edges black. Repeat this step for all the side beams. Add your screw head dots. The stars are just dots of white paint. The planet/moon was made by spraying white paint inside a toilet paper tube.

***Do all spray painting in well-ventilated areas.

Step 5: Food

Everyone's favorite part: Food.

Ice planets! "My food is problematic." But it doesn't have to be!

Here is a good how to link.

My friends Megan and Shane used play toy balls cut in half as the ice cream sphere mold and coffee stirrers as support. A chocolate shell coating adds some extra structural support.

Fresh strawberries - easy. Display in a cigar box.

Simon's Protein Cake - Actually, just a two-layer chocolate cake with chocolate icing.

Steak Kabobs - "If wishes were horses - we'd all be eating steak." These are steak stew meat pieces, pineapples, peppers, onions and mushrooms - skewered and thrown on the grill. (Awesome job Chris, Trey and Craig).

Candy - Asian candy. Coffee flavored, green tea chocolate flavored, some kind of flower nectar flavor.

Fruity Oaty Bars - Fruity Pebbles rice crispy bars.

Little extra fun - Toy dinos with straws and quotes printed on paper corresponding with each food.

Step 6: Extra Fun

Add some Asian elements here and there throughout the rest of the house. Paper globe lanterns and decorations with Kanji on them works nicely.

Invite guests to dress up too.

I hope this gives you some inspiration!

Stay shiny!