DIY Garden Rake (No Welding)

Introduction: DIY Garden Rake (No Welding)

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Urban farming got me in my backyard farm. That means I have to get my garden gadgets ready. Since my Old welder machine went broken the lack of it has been a pain but also a challenge. That means I have to find out new ways of metalworking. I have accomplished to make a set of basic garden tools using the Twisted method. Lets see how it works.

Step 1: Tools and Materials.

Bench Vise.

Hack saw.

1.40 mts 1/4 structured Iron Bar.

5/8x 50 Iron Bar.

Agave Yarn.

Piece of wood.

Step 2: Twist Time.

This process its so simple that hurts. I just took two Bars of 1/4 rounded iron bars and made a loop in the middle of them ( at 35 cms). Then I secure the end of the bars in the bench vise and put an iron bar through the loop and start to twist making the handle and the rake.I just bent the tip points at 4 cms in an 90 degrees angle and open the Rake Bars just a little. Once its finished and straight I wrapped the handle in Agave Cord.

Ive been using this thing for a long time and it works just fine. Now I have to make the shovel.

I hope you like it rated and vote in the Make a tool contest.

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    M.C. Langer
    M.C. Langer

    3 years ago

    Great idea! Very good if you don't know how to weld.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Piece of cake, right ?