Introduction: DIY Gypsy Chic Bracalet

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I call this style gypsy chic. Follow this step by steps and make your own

Step 1: What You Will Need

In this picture you'll see some of the things you need. Keep scrolling through pics and you will see more of the things you'll need. Here you see wire 0.3 ,rhinestone chain,scraps of fabric,some lace scraps,and some scraps of yarn and a cheap metal bracelet 

Step 2: Wrapping Scraps

Here we will begin by grabbing the longest pieces of scrap fabric you have. It should wrap around the hole bracelet if it does not that's fine just start wrapping around and around till the scrap fabric meets together. Next step ones you meet the two end  add your E6000. Let dry this should take a few seconds.  Now grab your wire 0.03 you can buy this type of wire in the flower section of your craft store.Or email me and I could send you some. So yeah pull a very long piece from the spool I wrapped it around my for fingers about 30 times to get the length I need. The color I am using is ;berry wine.Get to one end of your wire and begin to make a form as if you are going to tie a knot and go ahead look at the picture and then tie the knot

Step 3: Wrapping Scraps

Lets go on to are second step grab a piece of scrap of lace what ever size you like mine is about 2 or 3 inches long it does not matter its all about your likings  use the 0.03 wire to attach it to you bracelet right on top of the first long piece of scrap fabric we did in the first step take a good look at the picture

Step 4: Wrapping Scraps

Just keep grabbing scraps of lace and wrap with wire. Here i am working on my second piece of lace like i said before size of my lace really does not matter but this piece is about 5inches

Step 5: Wrapping Scraps

here is some yarn add if you have some random yarn with wire or even another piece of scrap .

Step 6: Wrapping Scraps

Here is another piece i wrapped with wire use what you have

Step 7: Wrapping Scraps

and some more yarn i wrapped with wire

Step 8: Wrapping Scraps

more yarn i wrapped with wire

Step 9: Wrapping Rhinestone In

I found  some rhinestone chain and added it. Its really easy wrap it just like we did the scraps

Step 10: Wrapping Some Chain

I added some chain now I decided to finish it off with this. Its really easy take a good look at the picture. Its as easy as wrapping the other things we have added . Just let the chain lay down on the bracelet it will just lay it self down . Their are two ways to do this wrap over it or go in and out of the chain and finish it off and we are all done

Step 11:

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