Introduction: DIY Hand Food Smoker

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This is perhaps one of the easiest and effective Instructables around!!!

With only three parts and no tools required anyone can make this Smoker and add great flavour to anything you make!!

It took me longer to write this then to make it, that's how easy it is!! So lets get started and it should only take 5 mins to start smoking food!!

Step 1: Grab Your Parts

I have grabbed all my parts off of eBay as I live in a rural area and need to ship everything in. You may not need to and can grab everything and build it today!!

Keyboard vacuum cleaner $10

Smoking pipe $3 - you may have one at home!! So clean that bowl before you use it!! LOL

Food Grade Pipe 8mm - $1

Glue gun - you can use epoxy or gorilla glue

Wood Chips or anything for smoking

Step 2: Prepare the Vacuum

Time to take it apart and then put it back together.

This vacuum works by drawing the dirt in through the top and then the dirt goes in the bag. So lets get rid of the bag and place the intake line where the bag was. This is what we will become the outtake line for the smoke.

Take the food grade silicone line and place it over the new outtake line. This will be used to direct the smoke.

Thats it for the vacuum modifications!!

Step 3: Prepare the Smoking Bowl

Time to make the smoking bowl!!

This is where you will be place your wood chips, herbs, tea, or anything else you wish to smoke. I have even use mixture of dry rice, brown sugar, and black tea mixture for duck breasts....Mmmmmmmmm!

So this is again super easy, remove the bowl from the pipe. If you have used the bowl then please clean it well of the smoke may be quite fragrant, ;)

Place this on the intake line on top the the vacuum. If it does not fit tightly then attach it with hot glue, epoxy, or any preferred method of yours.

With that your smoker is done!!!

Step 4: Take It for a Test Smoke!!

I used some maple wood chips I had lying around from another project I am working on. A wooden riser for a PVC takedown bow, but that is another story!!

Use what ever you wish to smoke and add the smoke to whatever you want. Mashed potatoes, oysters, duck breast, sausages, or even cheese. As it is cold smoke you don't have to worry about any heat for temperature sensitive foods.

Have fun and let me know what foods you have used it for or post pictures of your smoked food products.

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