Introduction: DIY Hanging Egg Basket

This time i tried to make DIY hanging egg basket ,This project is very easy to make. You can make it as Easter or Christmas basket ,you may make bunny or any bird instead of pom pom chick.If you add cushion in chair & candies ,it 'll beautiful gift basket.

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Step 1: Basket Making

For making of basket I used balloon .Fill the balloon as your required size, then took cotton thread and dip these threads in mixture of glue & water. Now wrap the thread on balloon like i did .Many times overlap the thread ,it should be thick net on balloon .Leave for drying about 1 day .After the drying take out the balloon.

Step 2: Chain & Cutting

I used thin wire for chain , make the small ring & join them to make the chain .Then i cut the hole in basket . Now i take lace of matching color. Apply glue on basket & paste the lace on edges.

Step 3: Making of Flower & Leaf

For the making of flower i used thin wire for the petals ,take the required size & twist the wire .I used bottle cap for the size . I made two different size for making of petals. Take white stocking net for flowers & green for leaves . Tie 5 petals with thread to make the big flower , Tie 4 petals for small one. After the preparation of flowers take yellow acrylic color & color the center part of flower. Green floral tape is good for flower stem .

Step 4: Pom Pom Chick

For making of pom pom chick i used yellow wool . Take 2 inch cardboard piece , bind the wool on it and make the pom . Attach the 2 pom together to make the chick.

Step 5: Setting

Take the dry leaves for the base . Paste the all flowers on stand .Put egg & chick in it. My Hanging egg basket is ready for decoration .

Step 6: Final Pics

Here is few final pictures of hanging basket ,