Introduction: DIY Ice Cake Push Pops! Delicious Variations!!!!

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It's sweltering hot! and the only thing that would cool you up is something COLD!!
Well let me cool you up with these these delicious and cute PUSH POPS :-D

Step 1: Ice Goody Essentials

Below ingredients are for all the variations
ice cream of your choice - vanilla was mine :-)
jello packs - red , yellow, green
soft chocolate fudge
sponge cake
Push Pops - buy them....don't have them?? check next step

Step 2: DIY Push Pops

Well....we in Asia are sometimes not so lucky in having all the latest things...but if we don't have...we make do!
I went out and got the larges syringes I can get from the drug store. I then carefully discarded the needle and cut off the end. The picture should say it all :-)

Step 3: Preparations!

First you need to make your sponge cake
you could buy it ...or make it.
5 eggs
250g  sugar
1/2 cup water and 1 1/2 tsp. vanilla - mix together
150g  cake flour + 1 1/2 tsp. baking powder + 1/2 tsp. salt - sift together

Beat eggs till foamy.....add the sugar... and beat till well blended...about 5 alternate the liquid and flour and beat. till smooth.
Place in a greased tray and bake .
 you could also check this instructable to make your cake

Chocolate  Fudge

400 g sweet condensed milk
  50 g sugar
  25 g cocoa powder
  50 g butter
Mix melted butter and sugar and coco powder in pan till well blended...add the condensed milk and bring to boil in low heat...take off fire and pour in dish and let it cool.

Buy colors of traffic light and mix according to packaging

slice circles and then cut with syringe


color ice cream

Now you may not have the required flavoring and colors in ice cream...or your mine only likes vanilla!!
well then...what do you do for colors??? color vanilla! I had some flavors and colors...but to satisfy one child I colored a bit of vanilla ice cream in the colors of the traffic light so he would be happy

Step 4: Ice Traffic Jello Push Pops

Assembling once you have all your ingredients ready is pretty easy...have all your push pops close so it would be quicker...while one push pop is freezing you can move on to the next!
Pull the syringe back each time you finish a layer...making room for the next layer

The layers for the Ice Traffic Jello Push Pops goes like this - cake circle, green ice cream, freeze, green jelly and cake circle, orange ice cream, freeze, orange jelly , cake, red ice cream freeze, red jelly , cake and finally  white ice cream or whip cream.

Step 5: Fuggy Ice Banana Push Pops

You've all had frozen banana's dipped in chocolate right? wasn't it delicious? about in push pop form??

For Fuggy Ice Banana Push Pops the layers are Banana slice, vanilla ice cream, freeze, fudge!
you could also go with Banana slice, fudge,freeze and then ice cream! both combinations are wonderful!
Top up your layer with fudge!

Step 6: Fuggy Ice Cake Push Pops!

Fudge Ice Cream Cake is one of my I thought why not in Push Pops??
And  so I layer!!

The layers for this is - cake, ice cream, freeze, fudge, cake ice cream freeze , fudge! top it up ending with an Ice cream layer!
adding meringue would be great...but obviously I cant stick the pops in the oven!

Step 7: Do You Like It??

I enjoyed making and having my push really cooled my family down ;-)

Let me know how you like it...and if you like it....please vote for the frozen food contest! Thank you!

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