Introduction: DIY Kitchen Table With Stone Coat Epoxy

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I wanted to design a DIY Kitchen Table for our house that is built from basic construction lumber but has a different look than just a standard farmhouse style. Building the curved legs took a little bit of time to make, but I like how they turned out.

The best part of this project is to make the marble stone coat epoxy. This was our first epoxy project. My wife and I had a lot of fun making the tabletop design. For those of you who never tried using epoxy, there is a lot of information on Stone Coat Countertops website. It doesn't take much experience to make beautiful designs. Also the price is substantially better than the traditional marble top. For more information visit my website TheDIYPlan.


• 4'x8' - 3/4" Plywood (x1)

• 4'x8' - 3/4" MDF Plywood (x1)

• 2x4x8' (x3)

Wood Glue

1 1/4" Pocket hole screws

2 1/2" Pocket Hole Screws

2" Wood Screws

Tools for this project


Tape Measure


• Jig Saw

Kreg Jig

Miter Saw

Table Saw

• Router

• Band Saw

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