Introduction: DIY Laser Security System

Hi Guys!

Today we are going to make own laser alarm for intruders!

It will be very simple and easy.

We Will Have Two Parts Of Device. Laser And Ldr-Alarm Part

Let's Start!

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Step 1: What Will We Use?

  • Arduino
  • A Buzzer
  • Ldr
  • 2 x Battery
  • Mini Breadboard

I will use laser with only battery, because we don't have to use an arduino with laser part.

Step 2: Connections;

You should connect laser to 5v. You don't have to use an Arduino with laser part.

This is the ldr part. You should find a little box. and you should use this.

Step 3: For Ldr Part;

I found a box and used this.

You can use anything. But you don't want to take attention. You should hide your sensor and buzzer.

Step 4: For Laser Part;

You can use with only battery this part. Because we did't use an arduino.

!!You should be careful, because you can burn your battery and laser with wrong voltage.!!

!!Laser Is Dangerous!!

Step 5: Arduino Code;

Code Download Link

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Step 6: YouTube Video;

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