Introduction: DIY Leg Warmers

Socks and More Socks. If you have any long Socks then this challenge is for you. Lets start off by going through your sock collection of unneeded socks. If you have long socks then lets continue

Step 1: Grab Your Socks!

Grab any long sock that you don't want anymore, would like to get rid of, or their just worn out. these socks can then now be used and cut on the tips. (Preferably thermal socks with fuzzy insides) once the tips of the socks have been cut they are now able to be put on your leg and keep your leg warm on hikes, campouts, and even biking in the cold.

Step 2: Cut Off the Ends

Now to cut off the end of the socks. Take fabric scissors or any sharp tool, and cut the ends off. Cut about thumb length off. This now can slide up your leg and keep it warm. That's all for now. Thank you for doing my very first instructable.

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