Introduction: 3D Printed Reindeer Head Decor

Hello... This takes a total of 5-6 hours my 3D printer took 4 hours with 30 minutes to put it together but... welcome to my Christmas décor build. this can take you up to 5 hours if you put your mind to it.

Step 1: Printing

Long wait. great end product. this is an easy project to do for Christmas as a Christmas card but not as an 100% liked ornament but it can be stored as one! Patience is a virtue. You can modify the files but the link will be down BELOW that you can download and setup for download

Step 2: Building & Done

Building.... I forgot the photos if you were to make the deer that you can enjoy the look it looks cool at the end so the product is the 1st photo you can modify with other parts that you can change the color and then you can give it away as a gift for Christmas! Enjoy

Step 3: FILES

PDF's Are the Deer instructions to build and the Card giveaway instructions. The STL is the Deer thing to print

Step 4: Decoration

This Can Be Enlarged and then put on a wall. This Deer could by put on a wall that would look like a hunter's deer head like the image above. This is a fun craft to do so publish down below. Thank You

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