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Introduction: DIY Luxury Dome

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Have you ever been to a fancy party or looked at fancy parties pictures in Pinterest? This kind of dome cake stands are a must in all of them. Get ready to get yours for a fraction of the price and create a piece that will make everybody think you spent a fortune on it.

Step 1: Materials

Cylindrical glass vase that fits the size of the candle holder

Candle holder (or cake stand)

Crystal drawer knob (like these)

Cold silicon

Disposable spoon or stick

Step 2: Glue

Put some glue in the spoon or stick and spread it in the base of the drawer knob holding it by the crystal.

Step 3: Place

Turn your glass vase upside down and place the drawer knob right in the center. If needed use a ruler to find it.

Press down for some seconds and clean any excess silicon that may come out.

Step 4: Ready!

Believe it or not getting this beautiful piece is that easy! Now it's ready to be used as decoration in your house or in a party! It looks SO expensive only you'll know how effortless it was to get it.

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