Introduction: DIY Macrame Knotting Board

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I needed a comfortable way to make my knotted bracelets and jewelry without the cardboard slits ripping and the board bending after a few projects. So, I decided to create my own knotting board that would be around and sturdy for a long time!!!

Step 1: Paint All Wood Parts:

I took a piece of plywood and cut it to a size that I was comfortable with along with two large round wooden balls (each with one flat side) from my local Michaels store. I painted the board and wooden balls two different colors I chose.

Step 2: Attach the Wooden "feet" and Felt Piece:

I attached the two wooden balls along the back / top right and left sides with long screws through two holes I previously drilled on the front side. I then used a simple piece of sticky-backed felt ( I chose black colored felt) to attach to the bottom front and back (folded over bottom edge) to prevent slipping when the board is sitting at an angle ( it is propped up by the wooden balls attached to the top / back of the board).

See Pic:

Step 3: Attach the Ring......and Seal:

I then attached a ring ( in my case I used a decorative Lion- with a ring in its mouth I found at Ace Hardware) through the drilled hole I made first on the front / top of the board .

Last I covered the felt and decorative ring with masking tape, and sprayed the entire board with sealer to protect the paint from chipping when used!!

Step 4: Your Done!

My daughter posed for this pic with the board after swimming.....( but before she brushed her hair :( )

Your done !!  Enjoy! If there are any steps that needs more precise instructions please let me know!!

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