Introduction: DIY Man of Steel Wall Art!

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Hello guys, I have been drawing superheroes and other stuff from quite a while now. I've just completed my DIY Man of steel wall art.

To be frank, I'm a die hard fan of Superman. Hey there's nothing childish in that. So what does a Superman fan do? That's right! Draw him. Neither am I a professional artist nor an art student. It's my passion to make art and I'm doing it from about 6 years now.

At times, you don't feel comfortable to start a project thinking if it mightn't look good after completion (that's the reason I didn't post an instructable from quite a while). But there's something I've learnt. When you are passionate about something, the outcome doesn't matter, the input does!

I'll, as usual, keep the instructable short, eliminating any steps that look obvious and need not be explained in detail, so that you don't feel bored to go ahead and read the complete tutorial.

So, how's it? It's not at all difficult to make. So what are we waiting for? Let's get making...

Step 1: Requirements

So here's what you'll need.

Watercolor paper/chart paper

Poster colours


Water (obviously)



Eraser (not required if you're a professional artist :p )

And coffee powder (to give the paper antique look)

Step 2: Background

Coat the paper with a mixture of coffee powder and water. This will produce a light brown effect on the paper. Oh yes, be careful not to use thin paper like printing papers. Such papers would produce wrinkles when made wet. So I suggest watercolor paper or for a cheaper solution, use white chart paper.

Now cut out the Superman logo stencil from a chart paper and place it on your antique brown paper.

Keep some load on the stencil to avoid movement (I used magnets)

Dip the sponge in white poster colour (don't add water!) and run it on and around the stencil to reveal a cool logo background. The drier the color, the better will it look.

Step 3: Stencil of the Superman Body

In the same way cut a stencil of the Superman body and coat black paint using the sponge. This time you need to add water to the colour. Make sure not to add to much water or the black will turn grey ;)

Step 4: Cape and Grass

These things need to be painted using a paint brush. Although these can also be stencilled out, but I found painting them was easier. It's up to you. You may do it in your style!

The cape looked good in deep red. You can mix a little brown colour to Bright red to make it deep red. I had deep red in the poster colour set so I used it directly.

The grass can be painted black like the body. And what else? That's all!

Step 5: Final Look!

Look okayish to me. In fact, is better than what I expected in the beginning. What do you think? If you have any suggestions, comments or questions or all of them, feel free to ask and comment.

Please vote my instructable in the contests if it deserves. If you want me to draw something different from next time do comment... I'll be really happy for that.

If you're interested in my art please follow me on Instagram @arpan.23 for more such stuff

Share the instuctable to encourage me for more art. Thanks guys, see you soon with another instuctable.

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