Introduction: DIY Space Rocket Switch Board Art

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Hey guys good day. I know most of you are really creative and that's the reason you're here viewing this instructable to 'creatify' your rooms. This is one of the most creative work of mine (actually I saw it on Google :-p ).

I don't usually feel like thinking a lot to make an artwork as small as this one, but the contest was the reason for this. So here you'll find a solution to modernize those boring switch boards on the walls. Since this is a really easy diy art, you'll not be bored with any lengthy steps (hopefully) So let's get making!!

Step 1: Materials Required


Scissors/paper cutter

Printer(or you can take a printout from a store)


And that's all !!

Step 2: First Things First

This is perhaps the simplest step. Just download the image of the picture you want to use (I've used a rocket) and go ahead and take a printout of it.

If you want to make the rocket too, directly download the image. I have provided the links to some more creative images of switch board art, so do check them out. Make sure to scale it in such a way as to fit the top of the switch board where you want to stick it. I've taken it on an inkjet printer but you can use any type of printer.

Here are the links to more ideas:

Step 3: Giving It the Right Colour

Now stick the printed paper on a coloured paper. I've used a soft and thin paper so that it rather looks like a tattoo on the wall.

The choice of color is up to you. Choose the best colour that has a good contrast with the color of your wall. I've simply kept it black. Don't ask me the reason, it's not easy to understand an artist ( actually I didn't find any other color in my room :-p)

Step 4: Cutting It

This is where I faced a little problem. I was in a hurry ( I'm really impatient) and couldn't cut it neatly. If you look carefully, you'll find my mistakes while cutting. Hey don't look like that, I'm just trying to be frank.

Don't get me wrong, I'm telling you all this so that you don't repeat the mistake I did. Cut the paper as slowly as possible. It's even better if you use a paper cutter for the job. Scissors would work fine too. Done? Let's move ahead...

Step 5: Let's Stick It!!

Now that you're done cutting, it's time to stick it on the wall!

I've simply used a thin layer of adhesive and stuck it on the wall. If you feel like it's not neat enough, you could instead make the whole thing on sticker paper and directly stick it to the wall.

And here you go.... finally you're relieved of seeing those boring switch boards everyday on the wall. They look really good on the wall. You can make one on top of each switch board in your house. So that's all folks see you soon with another DIY! Oh yeah, don't forget to vote my instructable for the contest.

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